Saturday, December 16, 2006

Broken Telly


My plasma TV won't switch on any more! The other morning I pressed the power button, but instead of coming on in the normal way there was a pause of a few seconds, and the then a final-sounding click, then the power light started flashing red, and flashing red lights are never good are they?

After several enquiries around town I managed to locate a Philips service agent in Riyadh, and they duly sent an engineer round the next day. When he got here however, he was surprised to find it was a plasma TV and not an ordinary one (despite the fact that I had gone to great lengths to explain to the call centre that it WAS a plasma one.

He can't fix plasmas on the spot so he's had to take it away to get an estimate (it's out of warranty too). This was about a week ago now and I've still not heard anything back from him. In the meantime we've had to go out and buy a smaller set to use temporarily.

Good job that a) there's no such thing as Christmas TV programming here, and b) we're going back to UK for Christmas anyway!

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