Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Fine Mess / Marvellous

:-) Laurel & Hardy
Masters of Comedy. There really is no other way to describe the genius partnership of Laurel & Hardy. Even though their heyday was in the 1930s they still hold a special place in most critics' comedy Hall of Fame.
Whenever I feel like laughing I have plenty of high quality comedy at hand: Monty Python, The Office, Phoenix Nights, Fawlty Towers, I could go on and on. But when I want a real belly laugh from beginning to end I choose Stan & Ollie.
There is so much to love. The relationship between Stan's head-scratching, eyebrow-raising, self-effacing fool and Ollie's pompous, self-important buffoon. Ollie is convinced that he's in charge and that Stan couldn't do anything without him. Stan has him sussed really but lets him get away with it nonetheless. The big stuff - the relationship - is funny in itself but there are so many little details that make me laugh too: Ollie's tie-twiddling and chuckling anytime he meets a young lady, his intricate and graceful body movement and hand gestures (despite his large frame). Stan's simple smile and expressive eyebrows. The bowler hats - keystone of many a gag.
Their timeless humour is as endearing today as it must have been eighty years ago; I'm smiling just thinking about it.
If you have never really got into L&H then I heartily recommend that you do. Their official website (not sure who decided this should be the official one, since they both died before the internet as we know it was born, but still) is a good source of background info, and there are many DVDs available quite cheaply on Amazon each containing three or four shorts.

Here are my Top Ten L&H classics:
Towed In A Hole
Twice Two
Oliver The Eighth
Tit for Tat
Busy Bodies
Way Out West
County Hospital
The Music Box

:-( Marvellous
I have a confession to make. I don't actually say, "Bloody marvellous!" very much. In fact I hardly say it at all. I just say, "Marvellous" on its own. Why then is my blog called, Bloody Marvellous? Good question. Because "" was already taken, that's why.
That's the thing about blog names and websites - each name has to be unique, so if someone has already taken a name it's not available to anyone else. I visited to see what all the fuss is about, and what do I find? Dreary Steven of Dublin.
About all I can say that is positive about this blog is that the background is a nice design. The rest is just awful. For a start it contains only one entry, and that - as far as I can gather - was written in 2001! It's also depressing, going about how miserable he is, not looking forward to going back to school etc. What a waste of a good url!
Surely Blogger must have some kind of statute of limitations or something so that people like me who say "Marvellous" all the time and want to moan about stuff can have the blog name they really want, and people like Dreary Steven need to earn the right to continue using a name by actually using it.


What if poor Steven was really depressed about his life and starting the blog was a call for help? Perhaps if he never wrote again after the first entry then... oh dear.

Steven, if you're out there leave a comment to let us know you're still around, and if you are still around, either use your blog properly or give the name back to Blogger so I can use it!

Is it bad taste to suggest the establishment of a domain/blog name donor card?

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