Sunday, December 17, 2006


Looking for that late stocking-filler for the rocker in your family?

German Metal band Rammstein are one of my favourite groups at the moment. Their head-banging riffs and gruff German vocals can be menacing and dark, but then a couple of tracks later they reveal a sense of humour, and even show their sensitive side occasionally. Don't let the fact that they sing in German put you off; you don't need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the music. In fact, Till Lindemann's gruff utterances almost act as another percussion instrument. But for those who insist on understanding what a song is about there are plenty of sites on the web that provide translations.

Rammstein's latest release is Voelkerball: a DVD/CD package recorded on their last tour. The centrepiece of the DVD is an awesome concert, recorded last year at Les Arenes de Nimes in France. The open-air, coliseum-like amphitheatre provides a gladitorial atmosphere as Rammstein perform for thousands of screaming fans.

For the Rammstein newbie this DVD is the perfect introduction. Not only does it serve as a "greatest hits" from their five studio albums, but they're also a great live band; they have to be seen as well as heard to be truly appreciated. If you like heavy rock and want to see thousands of ecstatic fans having a great time, and to hear some majestic, pounding, thumping good rock music played by a band of musicians who look like they've just walked off a Mad Max film set, all accompanied by a great lightshow and pyrotechnic display (flamethrowers included), then buy this DVD, turn the lights down and the volume up, and enjoy.

Feuer Frei: BANG! BANG!

I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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