Sunday, November 05, 2006

Retail Joy / Pet Problem

:-) "Can I help you?"
Something rare and lovely happened to me yesterday: I had a pleasant exchange with a Saudi shop assistant. This happens so rarely I feel like celebrating. Normally the Saudi men (women are not allowed to work in Saudi, with only very few exceptions) standing behind the counter have a look of miffed resignation on their faces, like they've been forced to get jobs by their Dads or something (The same is not true of immigrant shop staff by the way; Indian, Filipino or Pakistani staff are generally more happy to be there).
Today however, I visited a music shop to buy a set of guitar strings for Elliot, and I met a very nice young man who greeted me with a smile, spoke very good English, and most importatnly actually knew something about what he was selling. The early part of my career was in retail so I'm a bit of a stickler for customer service. This shop will definitely be getting more of my business.

:-( Naughty Bunny
Dougie the rabbit bit Abigail this morning. I'm sure he was just playing; he gets very excited when he sees her each morning, because he knows it means he's about to get fed. She wasn't badly hurt, but he's in our bad books at the moment nevertheless.

Now... where's that recipe for Rabbit Stew & Dumplings?

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