Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Maneki Neko

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? I picked up this gizmo in Bangkok and all I could find out there is that it is a Japanese good luck mascot known as a "Treasure-beckoning Cat". Kind of funny that a Japanese mascot is made in China and sold in Thailand. A later Google search told me that the cat is called Maneki Neko, and that the left arm waving is to attract customers, and if you get one with the right arm waving then that's the one that brings good luck to its owner. Needless to say I got the customer-attracting one and not the treasure-beckoning one!

Check out the video anyway. One AA battery will keep the arm a-beckoning for weeks!

Click To Play
Get one of these cute kitties and they will tirelessly beckon good luck your way (as long as the battery lasts anyway)

Here's a photo of the instructions on the back of the box: a prime candidate for the "Lost in Translation" files:

Other cool Maneki Neko sites on the web:

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