Thursday, November 09, 2006

Travels / Knackered

Read on for my sort-of valid reasons why I haven't been blogging lately

:-) Off again
Went to a birthday party last night and didn't get home 'til 3am, woke up this morning feeling a bit fragile, AND we're flying to Bangkok this afternoon, so I'm tapping this out while the family is whizzing around me packing and tidying up, and glaring angrily at me for not pulling my weight.
I may post something from Bangkok or may wait 'til we get back Monday.

:-( Tired
I've been feeling very drowsy the last few days; almost like jet-lag only it's all lag and no jet! It's probably down to a mixture of partying and bad diet, so totally self-inflicted, so I'm not looking for sympathy (although I'll gratefully accept any that might be available!), just really trying to explain the recent lack of blogging.

I need a holiday... Oh, I'm about to have one!

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