Monday, November 27, 2006

Blog Holiday

:-) A welcome break
Just got back from my week in Dubai to attend the GITEX trade show, and an enforced few days off from blogging. I really enjoy blogging (once I decide what the heck to write about) so was dubious about how it would feel to leave it alone for a few days. It turned out to be a very busy week and I didn't get time to think about it much, but I have to admit it was nice to have a few days off from the pressure -- self-imposed I know, but pressure nonetheless -- to write something witty, wise, or both every day.
So now I'm back with my blogging batteries recharged, and with a bunch of topics queueing up. Right, back to my typing finger exercises...

:-( Borrowed time
Of course, the risk of not blogging for a few days is that my readers will get fed up of waiting for something new and will go surfing off somewhere else for their entertainment. If truth be told I don't know exactly how many readers I have; it could be hundreds or it could be just a handful of die-hards, but whatever the number I feel a sense of duty to keep posting new stuff to keep you interested. Probably just as well I was too busy to think about it the last week, because if I had I would probably have started fretting about my dwindling audience.
Well I'm back now, and I'll try not to leave you alone for so long again. Please don't leave me! (sob)

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