Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh Behave! / Oh My Leg!

:-) Wadi Club Ball
Went to the first ball of the season last night, on an Austin Powers theme. Everyone had a great time and we didn't get home til 4am. Full story and pictures on Neal Of Arabia tomorrow.

:-( Another Popped Calf
Remember what I did to my calf muscle back before Summer? If you recall from what happened last time, I was playing 5-a-side football at a Family Fun Day (barefoot) when my calf muscle suddenly went POP!, and it took a month to recover. Well, my other leg (the right this time) did the same thing this afternoon. The swim meet had just finished at the school, and I was walking across the playground to the toilets before heading home and as I stepped up a concrete slope... POP! again.
Sitting here once again alternating between a compression bandage and ice packs: things are not looking good for our trip to Thailand next weekend...

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